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EPO is publishing about 25 books a year on political, social, socio-cultural, socio-psychological and historical topics and issues. Most of our books were originally written in Dutch or French. Currently, we have a cooperation with Aden Publishing to broaden our EPO collection in the French language. We also translate foreign non-fiction into Dutch and French, including titles by Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti, Eduardo Galeano, and other progressive authors.

Colette Braeckman, Marc De Hert, Jaap Kruithof, Peter Vermeulen, Lucas Catherine are some of the Belgian authors publishing with EPO.

EPO is independent from any big conglomerate. That is the best guarantee to maintain independence as a progressive publishing house. No "official" truths and no unilateral analysis in our books but the mere facts, the unraveling of myths, and what's beyond the "official" version. We donít publish for a small group of specialists, but for the broad public.


For all information on foreign rights, please contact publisher Thomas Blommaert: + 32-(0)3-287.08.75 or mail